I am a junior researcher specialized in international and EU criminal law.

Cristina Sáenz Pérez

My areas of research include extradition laws, EU law and human rights.


Experiencia Profesional

Graduate Research Assistant
University of Leicester, Leicester (United Kingdom)
Graduate research assistant at the Centre for European Law and Internationalisation (CELI) of the
University of Leicester

Junior Research Fellow
University of Parma, Parma (Italy)

I am part of a team of five researchers analysing the effectiveness of the European arrest warrant and
investigating extradition cases. My academic duties include the research of extradition laws and
cases, analysis of their human rights’ implications, assistance to Dr. Maffei in writing expert opinions in
extradition cases and the preparation of a training course for lawyers on the EAW in Oxford.

Junior Associate
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira, Valencia (Spain)

As part of the litigation team I was entrusted with tasks such as drafting claims, preparing trial briefs
and arguments for trial, legal research and assisting other lawyers in court.

Summer intern
Uría Menéndez, Valencia (Spain)

As part of the Corporate Law team, I undertook extensive research and drafted contracts in areas
such as competition laws, mergers, collective investment.

Summer intern
Austin Law Solicitors, LLP, London (United Kingdom)
I carried out extensive research in the areas of Family Law and Immigration Law.

“Man can never claim to do some good which is not mixed with something
bad, to defend a truth which does not hide some error or dispense justice
which does not bring some element of injustice in its wake” Jean Pictet