Huma W. Saeed

H. Hooverplien 2, Bus 5, Leuven 3000, Belgium


EDUCATION PhD Candidate (fully funded by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, USA), Department of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Leuven. 2012-present
Currently working on a research project that examines the link between transitional justice and
criminology through the lens of economic-state crime in Afghanistan MSc Human Rights, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 2009-2010
Gained interdisciplinary knowledge about theory, history and practice of human rights, particularly an
understanding of international human rights law/treaties and their domestic application
Final dissertation on critical analysis of transitional justice processes in Afghanistan. BA (Hons) Political Science and Anthropology, 3.9 GPA, University of Maryland 2005-2009
Honors thesis: “Ending the Cycle of Violence: The Role of a Truth Commission in Afghanistan”; based
on field research in Kabul during summer 2008, including 40 semi-structured interviews

Experiencia Profesional

Teaching Assistant, Class on Political Crime and Transitional Justice, KU Leuven

Human Rights and Justice Portfolio Manager, UNDP, Kabul  Dec.

National Advisor, NSGP/UNDP, Kabul

Project Manager, AHRDO, Kabul

Part-time Trainer/Consultant, Institute for Cooperation and Development, Italy

Internship, Human Rights First, Washington D.C.

Student Coordinator, Off-Campus Student Services, University of Maryland

Workshop facilitator and translator, Catholic Relief Services, Kabul

Human Rights Advocacy, Pakistan/Afghanistan and Internationally

“Man can never claim to do some good which is not mixed with something
bad, to defend a truth which does not hide some error or dispense justice
which does not bring some element of injustice in its wake” Jean Pictet