Senior Digital Business Consultant at Efecternet

Luis M. Jaramillo

I am a seasoned professional in Marketing, International Commerce, e-Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. I have
combined my love for the academic formation with a practical-hands on business approach.

I have had experience in different market settings, including USA, Latam, and the Caribbean, and experience dealing with business people from Asia, and Europe. My professional track includes working for multinational companies and small businesses as well. I have played roles as leader of groups and follower too, feeling comfortable in both, and striving to reach ambitious goals whatever my position in the company structure has been.

I have had the opportunity to live and work in USA, Puerto Rico, and Colombia, and have worked in multicultural environments that imply adaptability to cultural differences, and ability to face business cultures with an open minded attitude.

I have designed strategic marketing and commercial plans for different types of products from agricultural like flowers and coffee to more complex products and markets as consumer electronics.

I have experience dealing with media planning and buying in USA, and Colombia, and have planned and executed digital communication strategies worldwide.
I also count with experience in sales, and sales team management that I consider as one of my main professional assets. I consider myself a good and persistent sales person, and have achieved important goals dealing with big chains, and important clients for the companies that I have worked for.

I value for my career a couple of things: opportunity of career advancement, stability, training opportunities, and open environments.

Experiencia Profesional

Consulting to many companies in Colombia and USA: internet marketing, email marketing, social media, and e-commerce.

Sectors include: Education, Charter Airlines, Hotels, Health, Nutraceuticals, Orthodontists, Specialty Coffee, Shoes and Apparel, Money Exchange, Coaching, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Governmental Agencies, non for profit organizations, Flowers Trade, among others

* Sales planning and execution
* Marketing strategy
* Internet marketing sales campaigns
* Sales management, team of 10 people in a call center environment
* Media planning and buying, Hispanic market in US and Puerto Rico

Marketing Instructor at Koubek Center

* Sales and marketing planning and execution
* Internet marketing campaigns
* Media analysis and buying
* Branding positioning strategy
* Manage relations and opening of new accounts
* Manage relations with media and printing suppliers
Main Clients: Telmex USA, University of Miami, OHL Group, US-Spain and US-Chile chamber of
commerce, Banacol, Continental Group,Jackson Memorial Hospital, Florida Posion Help, Prasan
Enterprises. IESE University. Globalvia, Venezuelan Business Club, among others

* Sales of products to big carriers in LATAM and Caribbean
* Opening of new markets and prospecting new clients.
Main clients: Walmart, Cellular phone carriers in: Caribbean and Latam

The company was the commercialization branch of three Colombian farms. The company was sold and merged with other company.

In charge of Sandak and Sundrops brands.
* Brand marketing and positioning
* In charge of new portfolio development
* Relation with providers in Colombia and China

* In charge of all the financial and accounting operations
* Relations with the venture fund
* Relations with auditing company

“Man can never claim to do some good which is not mixed with something
bad, to defend a truth which does not hide some error or dispense justice
which does not bring some element of injustice in its wake” Jean Pictet