Founder of CETJ

Martín Eduardo Botero

Mr. Botero holds a doctoral degree in European Constitutional Law with emphasis in legal relations and cooperation between the European Community and Latin America conferred by Bologna University.


He took his undergraduate studies at the University of Siena that awarded him with a Laureate degree in law with emphasis in International law. During his studies at Siena he got the honor scholarship from the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry. Currently Mr. Botero holds also the degree in Law from the Spanish Catholic University of Santa Teresa de Avila.

Expertise of Mr. Botero is not only in the law field; he got a graduate degree in International Economics and Agriculture awarded by IFOA Reggio Emilia Italy (Scholarship awarded by the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry) He has participated as an auditor in Community Law European Master in European School of Parma (Italy) – Brussels (1997).

During its early years he was involved in the project “Development of the Amazon forest” leaded by the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia with the sponsoring of The United Nations (1988)

He has been involved for several years in the integration process between Europe and Latin America, specially in the field of the research and advance of the democratic principles and human rights in the region, fields in which he has published co-authoring with international judges and experts in the field (2002).

He has also participated in numerous courses, seminars, and professional specializations (1996/2014) attending the following institutions and academic centers: University of Milan, University of Bologna, University of Barcelona, University of Parma, Modena University, European School of Economics (Bologna – London), University and Catholic University of Manizales (Colombia), European Commission, European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, European Parliament, the Andean University Simón Bolívar, Illustrious School of Lawyers of Madrid.

Mr Botero has been guest lecturer and visiting professor at several universities in Europe and Latin America.

Currently he is a licensed European Lawyer (The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe – Brussels, Belgium -), and the owner of Botero & Office Associate Law Firm specialized in European and International law with offices in Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

Mr Botero has been appointed as the official translator of important legal texts in the field of criminal and constitutional law, and he is the author of numerous articles and legal books. Recently he published in Ius puniendi. Penal system Integral n. º 1 (2015), co-authoring with Claus Roxin and Günther Jakobs, “Reflexiones acerca de la “Concusión Ambiental”.

Mr. Botero currently performs the important role of High Representative (Ambassador) in the European Union of the Confederation of Mexican Schools and Associations of Lawyers (CONCAAM).

Martin Eduardo has conducted research in international law, Latin American regional integration, human rights, fundamental rights, due process law, and criminal procedure in Italy, Spain and Latin America. He has received academic awards and honors in various countries.

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